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Application and intermediate treatment of Japanese patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs

As an agent, we handle all requirements and procedures starting from the application for registration of patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs with the Japanese Patent Office, all the way towards a successful registration. Of course we will protect the rights of your company's operations. We can also help you decide whether to grant a license to use your IP to other companies.

Domain acquisition and renewal management inside and outside Japan

We can acquire Internet domains, and since there are various types of domains for each country and region, we can acquire and manage renewal of domains in order to fit your needs in every country and region. Domain management with a trademark right is an effective approach.

Application and intermediate treatment for foreign patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs

Since we use the Japanese application as a starting point, we can handle applications for patents, practical models, trademarks, and designs for several countries and regions outside Japan, including a first-foreign application.

Discovery work

We can help identify the intellectual property at your company. We can provide various types of advice, not only about patent discovery, but also advice using our know-how to protect intellectual property that is patentable and should be protected using know-how and advice about the filing of preliminary applications.

Opinions and inspection of prior art

Opinions (opinions of validity and invalidity)

We estimate and give opinions on the possibility of invalidity, i.e. that a patents of other companies or individuals are invalid. We also estimate and give opinions on the possibility of validity i.e. the possibility that your company's patent is valid or will not be invalidated.

Inspection of invalid data

We search a specific patent for invalid data. For the patents of other companies, we may search the data of specific patents and estimate and give an opinion the possibility of your company's patent being invalid.

Inspection of prior art (inspection of prior art before application)

Besides the contents of the invention itself, we inspect the prior documents to see if the necessary conditions for novelty and invention are satisfied before applying.


Trial for dissatisfaction

A trial to declare dissatisfaction with a final rejection issued by a patent examiner.

Trial for invalidation

A trial to petition the patent office to invalidate a patent or trademark that should not have been registered in the first place.


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