My mission is to provide a global infrastructure to make the best use of the intellectual property of many companies.(Company can protect your business and take advantage from it. If you do not have patents of your technology you develop, other company will take over your technology and ask you to pay the for it .)

For this goal, I work as a patent attorney on my own office and a managing director of Genius Note CO.

Majored in Intellectual Property Law at Nippon University I have registered patent attorney at the same time graduating in 1993.

After working for Ishibashi patent attorney office, I was responsible for negotiating and licensing from the filing strategy in the intellectual property part of NTT Data Inc. for 6 years. My expertise was application strategies and license negotiations of computer software technique(, IC card security and 3D printers with domestic and foreign enterprises). In addition, in order to study the Nano technology I went to Tokyo University of Science while working with NTT Data. (I have studied thin film technology using the high vacuums pack that is one of semiconductor manufacturing technologies which were getting more essential in future.)

I established Kasukawa patent office in 2001 and have developed our business cooperating with domestic and foreign attorneys. .In 2016, we built group named "Tsumugi" with other patent attorneys for global business. I was appointed to the Board of Directors of Genius Note Co., Ltd,.

I have worked for the patent applications of a wide range of fields such as computer software, solar cells, and LED technology. As the patent office, we also managed a wide range of rights acquisition and on behalf of the litigation related to patent licensing and patent negotiations. Until now, I have worked patent license for domestic companies globally.

In addition, in Genius Note Co. , Ltd., we offer a service of evidence secured prior use rights with a time stamp technology , such as trade secrets . Currently , not only to get rights such as patent rights, design rights but also trade secrets " information", has become a major asset management for companies as well as buying and selling of patents. As you can see in the cases at Motorola Mobility and Google, the importance of technology know-how and information in the enterprise is increasing. It has been a major key for business success to protect the technology information, or continue to take advantage of it as a global company in the future.

I like to tour temples and shrines in Japan to sense Japanese culture. I think that uniqueness of Japanese culture is building up "styles". By "styles" we are able to leave our culture, art and skills for more than 100 years , and 1000 years.

"Styles"are technology.

I will continue doing that of intellectual property "styles", that is, create the infrastructure in the work, spread to the world and leave them to the future.

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